My Meme!

This is the student blogging challenge meme we are supposed to write about  one of the things you have done in life, that make you glow with pride.

I would have to say that my meme would have to be, badminton because my partner Alycia and I were champingions of the girls doubles badminton tournament in our school, which we are sooooooo very pround of but, the best thing is that since we are the chamigions we get to go to the big big girls doubles badminton tournament. So, once we go on Monday, May 16,2011 we will find out if we will go far in that tournament which, we are hoping to do really well in. WISH US LUCK!  Guess what happened in the big tournament my partner and I did really well in the tournament a became champigions there too we are soooooo very pround of our selves and our whole school our school came second overal in the big tournament whichs makes our school happy because  it is the first time our school has ever gone this far in badminton. We thank our great badminton teacher Mr. D  for being there for us every game we played and never giving up on us. Thanks a million Mr. D you are the greatest badminton teacher ever!!!!!

 Now I got a queston for you. Do you like to play badminton?

Another good meme is Miss W’s here is the website to get there:

This is the person I think should be reconized too because in class she has great stories of her past which should be reconized my teacher.Miss H.

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